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1.1.2 Sunday Links...Babies teach AI, Peanut batteries, Plagues, and more...

Links for quiet reading on a Sunday: babies teaching AIs (brilliant idea), batteries made with peanut shells, plagues altering Earth's atmosphere. Plus two great articles, one about social media tech and the other about the impact of Silicon Valley.
1.1.2 Sunday Links...Babies teach AI, Peanut batteries, Plagues, and more...
Photo by Wai Keen Vong/MIT Technology Review
FYI this is an example of an email newsletter that paid subscribers receive each Sunday. It's 7 links to interesting and sometimes odd STEM/STEAM articles online.

Seven links for a Sunday morning, articles that are sometimes odd but hopefully interesting and informative. They’re about people discovering neat things with technology and about technology.

This baby with a head camera helped teach an AI how kids learn language | MIT Technology Review

Scientists develop new method for producing lithium-ion batteries using peanut shells: ‘Efforts have been made to find cheap raw materials’

Jupiter's moon Europa generates enough oxygen to keep 1 million humans breathing for a day

Scientists made a 'digital twin' of Earth to simulate possible natural disasters

Plagues From Centuries Ago May Have Altered Earth's Atmosphere

Bluesky and Mastodon users are having a fight that could shape the next generation of social media | TechCrunch

In the Shadow of Silicon Valley