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1.6.2 ⛽️ 🦖 Sunday Links... Astrolabes, Female Conservationists, Malware, Ditching Fossil Fuels

1.6.2 ⛽️ 🦖 Sunday Links... Astrolabes, Female Conservationists, Malware, Ditching Fossil Fuels
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This Sunday our links explores how astrolabes were first created, our freshwater cycle, AI-powered malware, 10 female conservationists, how one city is getting off fossil fuels, and more.

Ancient Astronomy Was A Huge Group Effort. This Astrolabe Proves It.

New analysis shows that the global freshwater cycle has shifted far beyond pre-industrial conditions

Researchers Create AI-Powered Malware That Spreads on Its Own

Ten female conservationists who have changed our relationship with nature

Getting off fossil fuels is hard, but this city is doing it — building by building

Centuries-old Aztec texts detail history of their capital, conquests and fall to the Spanish

This beautiful work of art is actually the biggest propeller innovation since the 19th century

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